“Revolution of CSR Through Sustainable Development Goals”

SDGx is a brand new initiative lecture series focusing on promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It is an initiative to involve people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals initiative through the involvement of the private sectors. In the power of ideas to change attitude, lives and ultimately, the world, SDGx will guide companies in their long-term strategy, prioritization and goal setting.

SDGx style talks are delivered spontaneously with carefully scripted and rehearsed. While most business presenters use notes to deliver their speeches, SDGx focusses on the audiences therefore often spontaneously relating the topics to the audience’s needs. SDGx style talks are professionally visualized, meaning that someone who knows that they’re doing well-crafted created slides or video. This is having “high production values,” to send the message across.

Benefits in Participating

  • The SDGx will further enhance the importance of so called co-benefits accrued from tackling the most pressing needs of today society;
  • Ultimately, the SDGx will affect organizations and institutions of all shapes and sizes when approaching sustainability;
  • Contributing to the SDG agenda can enhance one’s own goals and aspirations as an organization;
  • By participating in this event, it’s good for business exposure and branding;
  • Corporate and organisational success requires stable economies and healthy, skilled and educated workers, among other factors and sustainable companies experience increased brand trust and investor support;
  • Making a difference by making a statement when your companies offer fresh ideas and scalable solutions to society’s challenges exactly what we need to create a better world.

The SDG Market Opportunity

Why SDGx?

  • SDGx style talks are personal
  • SDGx talks often take you on a journey
  • SDGx talks are concise


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For more information, please contact:
Mr.Athi Pillai
Executive Director
Asia Pacific Business Council for Sustainability
(E): athi@asiapacificcsrcouncil.org