About Asia Pacific Business Council for Sustainability

(Formerly known as Asia Pacific CSR Council)

The purpose of the council is to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Working hand in hand with local enterprises and NGOs, the council contributes to, and supports the advancement of business sustainability in the Asia Pacific private and public sector.

The Council defines Corporate Sustainability as a company’s belief that the true measure of its wealth is directly linked to its efforts to better its employees and the communities in which it does business. Actions driving corporate citizenship are fluid and effortless as they are embedded in the organization’s value system. While many companies’ sustainable efforts started with a focus on employee and society welfare, this is only one aspect of sustainability. A holistic approach to sustainability embodies consistent work in the following areas: Diversity & Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Governance, Organizational Health and Philanthropy.

The role of the Council:

  • Strengthen continued dialogue between stakeholders and governments around the Asia Pacific region in how to adopt; and exhibit business sustainability and sustainable growth
  • Contribute to sustainable action plan and make recommendation to corporation on sustainability and growth;
  • An annual event, the Asia Pacific Business Sustainability Forum & Awards to discuss on corporate sustainability important issues;
  • International networking to advocate international sustainable experiences;
  • Sustainable relations to the media;
  • Latest sustainable news and articles on sustainable best practices on the website it maintain.